Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

The department facilities learning of recombinant DNA technology, enzyme immobilization techniques, microbial biotransformation, development of a number of biological products viz human insulin, interferons, somatostatins, somatropin, vaccines etc.

In the department of Biotechnology we maintain several bacterial and fungal strains of microorganisms. It has facilities to carry out microbiology experiments and research activities with a well maintained Aseptic room.


Well-equipped instrumentation room

Name of the Equipment Total
BOD Incubator 1
Laminar Air Flow 2
Autoclave 2
Refrigerator 1
Hot Air Oven 1
Tissue Culture Stand 1
Orbital Shaker 1
Electrophoresis (Vertical & Horizontal) 2
Rotary Shaker 1
Incubator 1
Paper Electrophoresis 1
Antibiotic Zone Reader 1
Colony Counter 2
Binocular Microscope 1
Aseptic Cabinet 1
Colorimeter 1
Water Bath Incubator 1
Centrifuge 2
Magnetic Filter Funnel 4
Glucometer 1
Water Bath 2
Magnetic Stirrer 1
Heating Mantle 4
Cyclo Mixer 2
Compound Microscopes 30
Vacuum Pump 2
Portable Weighing Balance 1
Physical Balance (Analytical) 4
Micro Pipette 2
PH Meter 3
Petro Plates Sterilizer 1
Dispensing Balances 2
Electronic Balance (Single Pan) 1
Mixer Grinder 1
Digital Balance 2
TLS Set 1

Teaching Staff

Ms. K Sreedevi Associate Professor View Detail   
Mr. Syed Hussain SK Assistant Professor View Detail   

Non Teaching Staff

Mr. Asan Babu Lab Technician
Mr. K Varun Kumar Lab Attender