Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Our departmental staff contributes to teaching in the areas of organic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, analytical chemistry and drug discovery for the students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

The Department has carried out research works and a significant output of research publications in peer reviewed journals .


Well-equipped instrumentation room

Name of the Equipment Total
Rotary Evaporator 1
Muffle Furnace 1
Centrifuge 1
Hot Air Oven 2
Physical Balance 1
Heating Mantles 10
Vaccum Pump 1
Microwave Oven 1
Digital Balance 1
Refrigerator 1
Kipp'S Apparatus 1
Distilled Water Plant 1
Electrical Water Bath 2
Gas Cylinder With Two Regulator 2
Gas Burner'S 12
Analytical Balance 6
I.R. Lamp 1
Melting Point Appratus 6
Heating Mantles 26
Hot Plates 17
Atomatic Model Kits 10
First Aid Box 1
Mechanical Stirrer 5
Ph Meter 2
Calorimeter 1
Platform Balance 3
Magnetic Stirrer 3
Escape Gear Box 1

Teaching Staff

Dr. Y Rajesh Babu Professor & HOD View Detail   
Ms. Shameem Sultana Assistant Professor View Detail   
Mr. Mohammed Abdul Farhan Assistant Professor View Detail   
Mr. Mohd Adil Shareef Assistant Professor View Detail   
Ms. Bibi Fareesa Banu Assistant Professor View Detail   
Ms. Ausaf Butool Assistant Professor View Detail   

Non Teaching Staff

Mr. Mohd. Aslam Lab Technician
Mr. Abdul Rahman Khan Lab Technician
Mr. Md.Mahmood-ur-Rahman Lab Attender
Mr. Abdul Samad Lab Attender