Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance

Our departmental staff contributes to teaching in the areas of Chromatographic conditions, analytical chemistry and regulatory affairs for the students of undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Our research is focused into analytical method development and validation for drugs. The department has carried out major research projects and a significant output of research publications in peer reviewed journals.


Well-equipped instrumentation room

Name of the Equipment Total
FTIR Shimadzu 1
HPLC Shimadzu 1
UV Spectrophotometer Shimadzu 2
Fluorometer 1
UV Chamber 1
Potentiometer 1
Refractometer 1
pH meter 3
Autoclave 1
Hot Air Oven 2
Cyclomixer 2
Double Cone Blender 1
Colorimeter 1
Flame Photometer With Compressor Type 1
Nephloturbidity meter 1
Water Bath Shaker 1
Hot Plate 5
Heating Mantles 2
Magnetic Stirrer 5
Vernier Caliper 1
Hardness Tester 1
Precision Balance 1
Mechanical Stirrer 4
Stage Micrometer 2
Eye Piece Micrometer 2
Test Sieves 37
Water Cooler 1
Stabilizer (Blue Star) 1
Water Bath 1
Sonicator 1
Conductivity meter 1
Regulator (AC power pack) 1
Karl Fischer Titration 1
Microscopes 2
Digital Conductivity Meter (Model No Di90) With Electrode 1
Digital Potentiometer With Electrode (Model No 1) 1
Digital Ph Meter With Electrode 1
Magnetic Stirrer With Hot Plate 1
Dhona Electronic Balance (Module No 200D) 1
Mechanical Stirrer With Speed Regulator 1
Cyclomixer 1
Magnetic Stirrer (Small Size) 1Ml 2
Air Conditioner With Stabilizer 1
Flourimeter With Ac Power Pack 1
All Glass Distillation Apparatus With Switch Board 1
Stainless Steel Body Distillation Unit 1
Water Bath With 12 Holes 1
Precision Balance 1
Precision Balance (1 Mg Sensitivity Balance) 1
UV Visible Shimadzu 2

Teaching Staff

Dr. V Murali Balaram Professor & HOD View Detail   
Dr. S Imam Pasha Associate Professor View Detail   
Ms. Parbati Kirtania Assistant Professor View Detail   
Ms. Sara Masood Sultan Assistant Professor View Detail   
Ms. A Madhavi Assistant Professor View Detail   
Ms. B V Priyanka Assistant Professor View Detail   
Ms. Zainab Hussain Assistant Professor View Detail   

Non Teaching Staff

Mr. Syed Mubarak Lab Technician
Mr. Mohd Chand Lab Attender
Mr. Mohd Aqeel Lab Attender