Pharmacy Practice

The department has established a ‘Drug and Poison Information Centre’ (DIC), ‘Patient Counseling and Education Centre’ (PC) to cater the needs of the other health care professionals and the patient community. The regular activities of the department in the hospital include ward round participation, patient medication interview, identifying and analyzing drug related problems (DRPs), monitoring adverse drug reactions (ADR), providing drug information and counseling at the bed side, etc.

Our practice training is designed to meet the demand of the health care industry, clinical research organization both globally and nationally


Ex pharm Animal Simulator Software with 29 experimental models in practical and examination mode. Lexi Comp Drug Information Software Lexi-Drugs (with AHFS Essentials & AHFS DI for hospital and academic clients), Lexi-Drugs, International Pediatric & Neonatal Lexi-Drugs Geriatric Lexi-Drugs Natural Products Pharmacogenomics Infectious Diseases Lab and Diagnostic Procedures

Name of the Equipment Total
Semi Auto Analyser 1
Digital Plethysmometer 1
Conventional Plethysmometer 1
Acto Photometer 1
Forced Swimming Apparatus For Rats 1
Convulsometer 1
Tail Flick Analgesiometer 1
Elevated Plus Maze For Mice 1
Pole Climing Apparatus 1
Histamine Chamber 1
Eddy’s Hot Plate 1
Centrifuge 5000 Rpm 1
Student Kymograph Full Assembly 10
Lucas Mant Chamber Muscle Chamber 15
Operation Table (Big) 1
Operation Table (Small) 1
Double Unit Organ Bath 1
Metabolic Cages 6
Folin WU Tubes 60
Column Chromatography 3
Micro Pipette.5-100 Ul 2
Micro Pipette.10-100 Ul 2
Micro Pipette.20-200 Ul 2
Dissicator 8” 10” 2
Rat Holder For I.V. 3
Cyclomixer (Vortex Mixer) 1
Rat & Mice Cages (Big) With Feeding Bottles 20
Rat & Mice Cages (Small) With Feeding Bottles 20
Student Stimulator 16
Standard X Blocks 30
Open Side X Blocks 30
Sample Electrodes 5
Muscle Grip With Stem 15
Hook & Weight Set 15
Water Tub 25
Heating Coil With Temperature 25
Frontal Writing Lever 59
Pinch Cork 18
Arterial Cannulae 6
Symes Cannulae 12
Dessicator 1
Pastal Weighing Scale 1
Hot Plate 1
Heating Mantle 1
Venous Cannulae 14
Rota Rod Appartus 1
Deionizer Plant 1
Fire Extinguisher 1
Dissection Set 5
Distillation Plant 1
Smoking Burner With Stand 1
Arterial Clamp 20
Electronic Balance 1
Platform Balance 1
Rabbit Cage (Metabolic) 2
Aerators 21
Gas Cylindar 1
Gas Regulator 1
Computer 1
Oral Feeding Needles 3
Syringes 10 Ml 10
Syringes 2 Ml 5
Needles Injection 34
Ph Meter 1
Muscle Electrode 5
Insulin Syringes 1 Ml 5
Myographic Lever 1
Wax Tray 9
Stop Clock 13
Master & Pester (Big) 1
Bone Utter (Big) 19
Bone Utter (Small) 20
Separating Funnel Holder 9
Spirit Lamp 1
Wash Bottles 10
Separating Funnel Holder & Stand 24
Weight Boxes 6
One Meter Scale 1
Burette Stand 19
Hemoglobino Meter (including Sahli’s Tube) 22
Hemocyto Meter (including Neubar Chamber) 20
Thermo Meter 1
Stethescope 9
Sphygnomannano Meter 6
Analytical Balance 1
Physical Balance 1
Bone Loose 1
Skeleton Intact 1
ESR Tube With Stand 4
Digital Colorimter 1
Micro Scope 20
Spiro Meter 1

Teaching Staff

Dr. J Raghuram Associate Professor & HOD View Detail   
Dr. Mohammed Ashfaq Hussain Assistant Professor View Detail   
Dr. Syed Jaffer Assistant Professor View Detail   
Dr. S P Srinivas Nayak Assistant Professor View Detail   
Ms. Radhika T K Assistant Professor View Detail   

Non Teaching Staff

Mr. Mir Abbas Ahamed Ullah Lab Technician
Mr. Syed Farhan Uddin Lab Attender
Mr. Mohd Ali Attender